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La Minky the smooth operators

Here at La Minky we pride ourselves on our professionalism and our high level of skilled treatments.  One area we surpass in is our waxing treatments.  We are specialists in all areas of waxing with particular knowledge in intimate hair removal.  Our in house specialist June Laing (salon owner) has been a beauty therapist and owned her own business for over 14 years.  During her career June branched out and made a move into the intimate waxing field and initially trained with Hive in Brazilian Bikini waxing and then in London with Kim Lawless waxer to the stars.

With years of experience under her belt June has mastered technique and client comfort during waxing of all parts of the body.  Much care has been put into the choice of products used for hair removal within the salon.  In 2012 June registered with the Perrin Rigot Expert Network and has been using these waxes ever since.  With 30 years of innovation Perron Rigot is a renowned French creator of high quality wax. The range includes hypoallergenic waxes, moisturising natural waxes, strip and non-strip waxes, scented and unscented.  The waxes are perfect for both male and female waxing treatments including intimate waxing.  We use non-strip waxing in the salon specifically for intimate hair removal as the waxes literally shrink wrap the hair, removing the entire hair with its roots from the follicle, leaving the skin undamaged.  Since the wax sticks to the hair and not the skin it takes the smack like sting out of the process you get with strip waxing hair removal.  We have found regular waxing with this method weakens and slows down hair regrowth and produces results that last longer.  

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Home Waxing vs Salon Waxing

This is a question that is asked very often to June at the salon, and below June shares the advantages of Salon waxing.

More effective than at home hair removal treatments, the results last longer saving you time & money.

You will experience less pain having a salon wax, as we are the professionals we will also minimise the side effects.

We get to hard to reach areas, and you don’t need to worry about setting up and cleaning up, that is all part of the service.

You can relax in a salon enviroment, and get some much deserved pamper time!

Due to the sensitive nature of intimate waxing we offer a free consultation prior to treatment and advice on any area of waxing you are concerned about.  Call the salon to book your waxing appointment- 01543 500340.

Leanne Groom Microblading

Microbladingis a form of semi-permanent makeup that involves a very fine blade to create thin, realistic hair strokes which mimic the look of natural hair.

Leanne before and afetr

The procedure involves a handheld pen-like blade which inserts pigments into the epidermal layer of skin.

The epidermis is the upper layer of skin that is penetrated during the procedure, therefore superficial to tattooing which penetrates the dermis.

SHAPE– We will design your brows using a cosmetic pencil and callipers to ensure we achieve the best symmetry possible. We will not start the procedure until you are happy with the shape of your brows.

NUMBING -Topical anaesthetic is then applied and left to work for around 20 minutes. We will continue to apply anaesthetic throughout the procedure to ensure maximum comfort throughout.

MICROBLADING -Incisions are made in the epidermis creating hair-like strokes. We will ‘pass’ over these incisions 2 more times to ensure the pigment penetrates as much as possible.

TOP UP – If it’s your first time having microblading you will need to come back for a top up 4 –6 weeks later for a top up. This is to fill in any gaps that may have appeared during your healing process. After that, you can come back annually.

For a short time only, take advantage of her fantastic offer of just £180 (including a free top up).

Leanne will be a La Minky salon every Saturdayand will be addidng more dates soon.

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