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French Bulldog Saviours

20161129-french-bulldog-headerFrench Bulldog Saviours (FBS) started in 2013 when Lindsey Scanlon, the founder, saw a very badly abused and neglected French Bulldog for sale on one of the many websites that allow the sale of dogs with no real regard for their welfare.

Lindsey paid for the dog (Dolly) herself so that she could take her far away from a life of hell and stop anything else untoward happening to her. It was Lindsey’s mission to love her, nurture her and mend her.FBS Dolly Snr

She set up a Facebook page to ask the public to help raise funds for Dolly’s huge medical needs and was absolutely blown away by their generosity. Fuelled with a passion to help other French Bulldogs in need, Lindsey made the decision to set up a charity, Dolly’s Angels. With the help of the public she raised funds to rescue other Frenchie’s from a life of misery and neglect.

In 2015 French Bulldog Saviours as it was then known was awarded charity status. This has elevated our ability to inform, educate and spread the word about the current crisis and dangers faced by this gorgeouFBS Elliotts breed.

FBS is run entirely by volunteers who work tirelessly to make an impact on the lives of French Bulldogs in need, but also to educate people so that they can make informed decisions about who and where they’re buying their dogs from.

As a rescue charity we never judge people for surrendering their dogs. They’re not all surrendered due to medical or behavioural problems, a change in circumstance is just as likely and also just as heart-breaking.

Once a dog is surrendered to us it’s taken immediately into foster care. Frenchie’s don’t deal well with being on their own so providing kennels simply isn’t as option. Instead, we have a network of incredibly generous foster carers who accept the dog into their home to assess its needs. This can be anything from two weeks onwards. We we know exactly what the dog needs we can work on rehabilitating or repairing it before we put it up for adoption to find its forever home.

It takes a fantastic network of volunteers to make this happen. Once foster homes and potential forever homes come forward a home check has to be carried out to ensure that the home and garden provide a safe environment and to make sure the families are clued up about the breed and what to expect from them.

We often rely on people to transport dogs around the country and we also rely heavily on donations and fundraising.

We’re incredibly lucky to be supported by national brands such as Pets at Home and Zooplus, people can raise money for us each time they shop online via EasyFundraisisng or you can even make a difference by saving your stamps and unwanted items such as ink cartridges and sweet wrappers!FBS Dolly

Each week we host an auction on our Facebook page which is where the main source of our income comes from. If it wasn’t for our supporters and kind-hearted brands donating items and also buying them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do today.FBS Henry 2

Repairing and rehabilitating French Bulldogs isn’t cheap so our vet bills are astronomical. But no cost is too big for our beloved Frenchie’s. We will always do whatever we can to give the dogs a better chance at life.

We’re always looking for new supporters and volunteers as well as new ideas so we’d love for you to become more involved. 2018 will see us touring events across the UK so check out our website for more info and pop along to say hi

Facebook: The French Bulldog Saviours Rescue

Twitter: @FB_Saviours

Instagram: @frenchbulldogsaviours_uk

FBS EdwardFBS Bluebell



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