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These are difficult times and at the time of writing Smilecrafters can only offer a skeleton service. However, even if that is still the situation now it doesn’t mean that we can’t talk to you? In fact, it may the ideal time to give you a different topic to think and talk about. So, if you are a Denture wearer or indeed an existing patient why not give us a call? We would love to hear from you and just say hello!


Being socially isolated is no fun, whatever your age, but if you are alone it is that much harder. So, please if you are struggling do give us a call. Now is a time of crisis and we must come together for the greater good.


Even if we are still in ‘lockdown’ we can discuss all things Dentures and get planning for later in the year when the world wakes up! But for now, just a few reminders on how to care for your dentures.

The Oral Health Foundation recently published a White Paper on Optimal Care and Maintenance of Full Dentures for Oral and General Health. It also published global guidelines for denture care, which made interesting reading.

The report highlighted that poor denture cleanliness could affect both oral and general health. This included conditions such as fungal infections, MRSA and aspirational pneumonia. It is suggested that brushing and soaking in a cleanser is the most effective method of cleaning dentures and that dentures should not be worn overnight unless you have been specifically advised to do so. The full report can be found at

We also recommend that when brushing your dentures, you do so over a half full sink to avoid the risk of them dropping and fracturing on the bowl. Also, whenever they are out of your mouth and not in the denture cleanser keep them in water.

As said at the outset, these are things that we are very willing to discuss with you, so why not give us a call? We are in difficult and unprecedented times, but if there is an upside it is that there is time to talk and perhaps more importantly listen. The team at Smilecrafters are here for you through thick and thin.

Jackie and Adrian

Smilecrafters is a modern friendly denture clinic in Burntwood run by Adrian and Jacquelyn Rollings. Offering a full range of denture solutions, ranging from an emergency repair to a new set of dentures. So why not book in for a FREE initial consultation at Smilecrafters denture clinic? The clinic is on the ground floor with parking right outside the front door.Denture lab



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    Read Online: April 2020
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